Tim and Eric: Awesome show! Great Job!

Did you know Tim and Eric rock? Well they do. Don't beleive me? Here's some proof.

Courtesy of [Adult Swim]. Turns out they rock too.

Stomach doubling - Latest health craze, just move the real hole
Cinco Napple - Perhaps my favorite Cinco product
Cinco Urinal Shower - Yet another Cinco Product you cant do without: I don't cleam, I'm not cleam
Cinco Phone - NO times for zero
Cinco Phone - Part 2 - One full and entire phone call
Cinco Phone - Part 3 - Such realism
Cinco boy - Another Cinco Product you cant do without
Mouth Decorations - a Cinco product you cant do without
Cinco Eye Tanning System - No one likes brown teeth
D-Pants - Cinco product
The Poop Tube - Modified for an adult audience
Ukulele Phone Prank - Nope, Still offline
Pest control - Spraynard
Cinco Facts Machine - For get the X, they got C T S
This is how you teach - Fixta Fernback
This is how you teach - Alcatraz! and poor Chatman University
Druwing on drawing - How to make beautiful images with your computer
Daymare - If you've ever had one, you wouldn't think it's so funny.
Burps - I didn't know you could do this
Usable Human bones - Uncomfortable television people
G.F. Spooner - From Stinko?
It's not Jackie Chan - Holding the alarm for as long as it stops being funny is funny
D-Ump - It just shuts down
Goodbye - Shut off your phone discreetly
Casey - [cough][snort]
Numbers - Finally, all of them
A TGIF treat - Berating subordinates in the worst possible way is awesome
The snuggler - Those shorts
Tiny Hats - It's your secret
Thocks - Fishnet
Cinco MIDI organizer - Kind 65163687965107
Path to the presidency - They love fuck ups when talking
Path to the presidency - Part 2